Placement Policy Rules

  • All efforts shall be made to carry out qualitative placement for the passing out students by the CPC.
  • Each student shall be given seven ( ) chances to appear for placement interviews.
  • Before appearing for the interview, students will have to sign the undertaking/ willingness for the same.
  • Attendance in all the Pre-Placement Talks is COMPULSORY for everybody, regardless of whether he/she is interested in sitting for that company or not, or whether he/she is already placed. Dress Code is STRICTLY FORMALS. Those who don’t follow the rules, will not be considered for placements.
  • Students are not authorized to communicate with the companies on an individual level or in any individual capacity.
  • Any corporate interaction by any student must be carried out in consultation with the CPC Team.
  • Once selected for placement by a company and offer accepted by the concerned students, he/she will not be considered for any other interview and name appears in the PLACED LIST
  • Once a student is given a final offer for final placement, by a company, he/she will NOT be allowed to appear for interview by any other company.